Is it already too late for the first ever Windows 10 Mobile flagships to break the flagging OS into the mainstream scene? It sure seems like it, and it certainly doesn’t help that Microsoft’s software focus is directed elsewhere, and the high-end Lumia device family might as well be dead, with a business-centric Surface Phone the only Lumia 950/950 XL “sequel” you can probably root for.

That being said, the next few months will likely see 950-series pricing absolutely collapse, starting today with a $150 XL discount offered stateside and up north. Don’t pay any attention to the old $650 tag still listed on Redmond’s e-store in the US, as adding the 5.7-incher to your cart shall automatically bring that down to a new all-time low $500 valuation.

Even better, at just 500 bucks you also qualify for a bundled-in display dock capable of seamlessly scaling up your Windows apps on a big screen you’ll of course need to purchase separately. The dock is normally worth a Benjamin by itself, and it’s given away for free until July 30 in the UK too with both the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The difference is obviously the much higher pricing of the phones on British shores.

Ironically, the smaller, lesser, non-XL model is now costlier on the North American continent than its phablet-sized sibling, though we’re guessing there will be a little something tacked on to the Lumia 950’s own display dock freebie promo to further sweeten the deal before long. For the time being, hurry up and get your “affordable” Lumia 950 XL… if you still believe in Redmond’s mobile hardware prospects.

Source: Microsoft

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