Forget December, as Lumia 950 XL production may have ended already

The uncertainty around Microsoft’s troubled Lumia smartphone family, as well as the Windows Mobile ecosystem on the whole (or whatever’s left of it), deepens, with 550, 650, 950 and 950 XL stock reportedly on the verge of worldwide depletion, production likely halted, and upgrades nowhere on the horizon.

That’s right, it appears the just-rumored December termination date may have been a tad optimistic, since we’re now hearing that over on British shores Redmond can no longer hook up Lumia 950 XL buyers with replacement devices for faulty original copies.

Credible sources suggest this is due to “lack of stock”, and the last 950 XL for the UK was purportedly manufactured “just a month ago.” Of course, the vexing information is impossible to verify at the moment, as Microsoft stays mum on any specific plans it might have for its survival in the mobile hardware scene.

You also shouldn’t rule out this perhaps being a regional situation, or one that solely applies to the jumbo-sized Windows 10 Mobile flagship, though it’s way more likely we’re dealing with the beginning of the global end for all Lumia phones. The only hope now is the fabled Surface Phone, but if the business-centric hero doesn’t arrive by the end of the year, it may as well never do.

Source: WinBeta

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