For just a few more hours, the white Lumia 950 XL can be yours at $380

This might be a little hard to remember, what with all the recent and semi-recent price cuts and bundle deals on both the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL from the Redmond-based tech giant and various third-party retailers, but the lowest the jumbo-sized variant was ever sold at is $500, display dock included.

The manufacturer’s official US e-store has just made the $499 price tag a permanent thing, no longer however throwing in a free Continuum-enabling accessory. Not exactly a steal, considering Windows 10 Mobile’s very slow evolution and deadlocked expansion, as well as ever-increasing Android competition in the high-end and upper mid-range markets.

Luckily, B&H Photo Video comes at the rescue of cash-strapped but devoted W10M fans, shaving an extra $120 off Microsoft’s newest Lumia 950 XL valuation. The only catch? This is a one-day lightning deal set to expire at midnight EDT, so you have a measly 12 hours or so left to act and buy the 5.7-incher for an all-time low $380 as we hit publish here.

Hopefully, you’ll receive word one way or another about this, and realize what a bargain it is, before B&H pulls the plug. Obviously, the phone is GSM unlocked and 4G LTE-capable, though only available in white at $380.

Source: B&H

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