Now this is what we call a bargain: $60 Microsoft Lumia 550 at B&H

Technically, the Microsoft Lumia 550, 950 and 950 XL, which were the world’s first smartphones to run Windows 10 last fall, would be due for some typical 12-month hardware upgrades right about now. But we know that ain’t happening. Not this year, probably not the next either.

All Redmond can do before eventually discontinuing the W10M trio to make a few headlines and sell a few thousand units is keep slashing their prices as both low and high mid-end Android competition heats up.

The entry-level Lumia 550, for instance, was marked down from $140 to $100 for a limited time back in June, then again earlier this week. But with only a Snapdragon 210 processor under the hood, 5 and 2MP cameras in tow, plus a fairly chunky 9.9mm profile, the 4.7-incher still felt a tad overpriced.

That’s no longer the case if you choose to do business with discount specialist B&H Photo Video for the following 40 hours or so at the time of this writing. Through end of day Saturday, October 8, both the reseller’s black and white unlocked RM-1128 variants cost an irresistible $59.99 a pop.

While they’re “international” devices, they should work just fine on US GSM networks, with connectivity capping off at 4G LTE speeds. For your 60 bucks, you also get an HD screen, 1GB RAM, 8GB expandable storage, and 2,100mAh battery. That’s not too bad now, is it?

Source: B&H

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