Joe Belfiore ‘caught’ tweeting from an iPhone again, but it’s not what you think

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s working for a tech giant in a low-level customer support position, getting through college with the aid of a cashier gig at a fast food chain, or signing an exclusive endorsement contract as a professional athlete, the temptation to try out the forbidden fruit often gets the best of us.

But the head of the team building the phone, tablet and PC versions of Windows is obviously under far greater scrutiny than just any McDonald’s employee who likes to eat at KFC in their lunch break, or even a famous person paid to advertise some gadget and favoring the competition in his spare time (like LeBron James or Alicia Keys).

Then again, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore warned his and Windows Phone’s hardcore fans against reading too much into the use of Android gear and iPhones in the next few months. After all, the guy is on a leave of absence, and furthermore, you know the saying – keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

How do you want Belfiore and the other engineers responsible of WP or Windows Mobile’s development to come up with a competitive OS if they can’t spot the strong suits and especially weak points of iOS?

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Redmond exec is seen tweeting from his iPhone, with a similar occurrence taking place way back in 2014, so you could infer he’s in fact routinely rocking rival devices. Perhaps as primary, daily drivers. Particularly since his point-and-shoot camera of choice, the Sony RX-100, lacks PlayMemories support for Windows Phone.

In other news, is that hairdo for real? Does Joe Belfiore intend to attend conferences and press events like that once he gets back to work? Will anyone listen to what he has to say if that’s the case? Is it all a scheme to make us overlook the struggling platform’s defects?

Source: Twitter
Via: 9To5Mac

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