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Microsoft is making a website builder that’d allow you to import info from FB page

By Prakhar Khanna February 25, 2021, 9:00 am
Microsoft website builder

Microsoft has announced it is foraying into the website building business. It will be part of the company’s Digital Marketing Center, which is Microsoft’s ad platform, which helps in creating, executing, and managing advertising campaigns across social media platforms and search engines.

Microsoft hopes to help small businesses with its upcoming tool. It would be a free service as the company hopes to remove the barriers of cost and lack of time by providing a free and simple solution to small businesses. It will allow the businesses to import their website information from a Facebook page or an existing advertising campaign. Microsoft will take care of formatting the layout of their page.


Digital Marketing Center’s new website creation service will enable small businesses to expand their digital marketing efforts. There is no expertise required to build websites with Microsoft’s upcoming solution. To create your website, you can begin by signing up for a Digital Marketing Center account. Select to option of ‘I don’t have a website. Help me build one for free.’ You just need to decide the website URL at this point, and you’ll be able to continue with your campaign creation. After this initial setup, you can begin creating the website.

Microsoft’s solution will then use this information to fabricate a website complete with a relevant layout. You’ll of course be allowed to modify any of the content and choose another template to customize your website, before publishing it. However, Microsoft hasn’t specified how it aims to monetize its upcoming service.

“According to the Small Business Association, more than 36% of small businesses do not have a website. This is a problem given a recent study that shows that 80% of customers will research a company online before visiting or making a purchase with them. Without a website, a small business is at risk of losing this potential customer,” wrote Microsoft.


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