Microsoft is having none of cheeky Google Chrome Windows app

When an app isn’t really an app at all, what use is it?

Yesterday, Google put out a Chrome app on the Windows Store. What a notion! A web browser that has a reputation of being a clunky resource hog would somehow be light enough to work on a Windows 10 S product — something that can’t run an executable file. Not so fast. Instead of being able to browse the web, the app was essentially just a splash page with a link to go and install the full version of Chrome from Google.

Microsoft put a quick end to the app’s existence on its Windows Store today, telling The Verge:

[…] we welcome Google to build a Microsoft Store browser app compliant with our Microsoft Store policies.

Those policies for an app made with the Centennial development bridge include the need to render anything web-based through HTML and JavaScript. Google has its own proprietary script called Blink. That’s among many reasons why Google likely won’t bring Chrome onto a Windows app.

What was also inferred with the “app” release was a combat tactic against spoofs, though the Microsoft app ecosystem is pretty tightly controlled and we haven’t seen any fake Chrome browsers pop up in the store.

Image: The Verge

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