Those of you who stuck around for the entire Google I/O 2013 keynote address yesterday got to see a hoarse-sounding Larry Page take the stage to wax philosophical, answer questions, and take a few swings at Google’s competition. Microsoft found itself on the receiving end of just such a volley, with Page criticizing the company’s willingness to let its products interoperate with Google’s. Specifically, Page talked about Google offering to have the companies’ instant messaging protocols work with each other, and despite Microsoft taking Google up on its offer, it hasn’t returned the favor in kind. Now Microsoft is speaking up about why it thinks this characterization is unfair.

In its response, the company specifically addresses the recent Windows Phone YouTube kerfuffle we told you about earlier today. Microsoft writes, “it’s ironic that Larry is lending his voice to the discussion of interoperability considering his company’s decision — today — to file a cease and desist order to remove the YouTube app from Windows Phone, let alone the recent decision to make it more difficult for our customers to connect their Gmail accounts to their Windows experience.”

Now, Microsoft may very well have a point about the extent to which Google has or hasn’t been playing nice, but we’re not entirely sure its comparisons are fair. After all, when we’re talking about interoperability or open standards, it’s about a give-and-take; each side makes its resources available to the other, and vice versa, so everyone benefits. With the YouTube situation, wasn’t Microsoft looking to give its users something without granting Google anything in return?

Source: PC World

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