Remember back when we were waiting to get confirmation of HTC’s first Windows Phone 8 devices, and the rumors seemed to suggest that we’d be seeing three such models from the manufacturer? While we ended up seeing two of them released as the 8X and 8S, there was a third device, attached to the codename Zentih, which never manged to surface. We heard some rumors that the phone simply didn’t exist, but what if HTC does indeed have plans still in the works for the smartphone? That’s something to keep in mind as we look at a survey Microsoft has been distributing to Xbox Live users, which mentions an HTC Titan III.

The Titan II, as you’ll recall, came out back in April as a Windows Phone 7.5 model, and considering the other smartphones it’s up against here, it doesn’t seem likely that Microsoft intended to mention the Titan II and simply entered the III as a typo. Instead, this paints the picture of the Titan III as a high-end HTC WP8 model that could be available around the holiday season.

Now, we don’t have any signs that HTC is about to release another WP8 phone in the immediate future, so the timetable here may be off, and the Titan III could still be in the works for early next year. On the other hand, maybe that was a name once used for something like the 8X, and that’s actually the handset Microsoft intended to include on the survey. For now, we’re not quite sure what to think, but just seeing this name on a document that came out of Microsoft has us eager to learn more.

Update: We just got an official response concerning this find, and Microsoft’s calling it a typo.

Source: WPCentral

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