Microsoft careers page hints at prospective HTC One M10 for Windows 10

The survival of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is quite a delicate affair, and it continues to be extremely hard to predict exactly where W10M will head from here. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL aren’t looking like mainstream blockbusters, but they haven’t flopped either.

Meanwhile, the low-end Lumia 550 wasn’t marketed aggressively enough to strike gold, and the upcoming 650 might be too lackluster to stand out even if promoted properly. As for Windows 10 Mobile devices manufactured by third-party OEMs, the NuAns Neo and Vaio Phone Biz are unlikely to ever go global, whereas the Acer Jade Primo and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

Still, we wouldn’t rush to deem the platform dead or even dying, especially with whispers of Samsung, HP and now HTC interested in developing new Windows handhelds. Yes, HTC is probably pondering a long overdue sequel for the One M8 for Windows, or at least that’s what Microsoft unsubtly suggests.

The Redmond-based tech giant is apparently seeking a Taiwan-located Director of Account Management to “lead all aspects of sales and business development interaction with HTC”, as well as organize and build a “product portfolio that highlight focused user scenarios around our Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft services combined with HTC’s devices, applications, and services.”

In a nutshell, Microsoft is looking to hire an HTC liaison. And we’re guessing it’s not because the M8 for Windows or Windows Phone 8X keep selling like hotcakes. Instead, you should expect both Android 6.0 and Windows 10 Mobile-powered variations of the HTC One M10, aka Perfume.

Source: Microsoft Careers
Via: WM PowerUser

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