It’s now easier than ever to buy a Microsoft HoloLens (but still wildly expensive)

The prospect of owning a pair of mixed reality head-mounted smartglasses before most of your friends even find out what this futuristic technology is all about might sound appealing to some everyday PC consumers, but coughing up $3,000 on a developer-centric product will probably turn out to be a pretty bad investment.

Unless you’re keen (and able) to help shape and evolve the Windows Holographic platform running on the unpolished Microsoft HoloLens, in which case you may have already signed up for your super-costly test drive several months back.

But if you haven’t for one reason or another, know that waiting lists and applications are a thing of the past, and up to five HoloLens copies can be easily purchased stateside and in Canada from Redmond’s regional e-stores.

“Developers looking to join our holographic journey” are welcomed with open arms by the project’s top brass, though (eccentric) consumers who don’t mind plunking down three big ones for an early preview of a potentially game-changing device can also get in, no questions asked. Just limit your expectations, remember it’s a work-in-progress you’re dealing with, and the bad boy’s commercial successor will likely be significantly cheaper… if it ever comes to pass.

Sources: Windows Blogs, Microsoft Store

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