Even though Microsoft did a good job at wowing everyone with the HoloLens announcement a few months ago, it ended up leaving more questions than answers. First of all, we all know that most of the virtual reality solutions in the market are really a phone strapped to your head, but in the case of HoloLens, we still have no clue how it works, or what it pairs with. Microsoft’s Build conference was the perfect scenario for answering some questions, and here are some facts.

First of all, let’s start by answering the primary question; this is pretty much a computer with a ton of sensors on your head. Just like a regular PC, it has a CPU and a GPU, but these are custom made, as current chips weren’t capable enough. Microsoft has also created its own HPU (Holographic Processing Unit), which serves as a third processor intended for mapping what you see, and your hand gestures. HoloLens is really a combination between Google Glass and other VR headsets. With HoloLens you can see everything in front of you, and the user interface is then laid over what you’re seeing. Just like Google Glass, it also has a camera to help you take photos or videos.


The sensors include an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and this all combines with head tracking cameras to process how your head is moving. It also has spatial sound sensors to help capture information about your environment.


This all sounds very high tech, and extremely advanced. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like another Google Glass project.

Source: Lumia Conversations
Via: The Verge

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