As Super Bowl 50 approaches, it’s probably time you bowed out of the race for a big game ticket sold at the average price of around $5,000 online. After all, you got your large-screen TV, unlimited hot dogs and beer at your disposal, not to mention a comfy seat on the couch and the best angles CBS cameras can bring you.

But what if there was a way to further enhance the living room football-watching experience, basically beaming the excitement from the stadium to mere inches away from your eyes? That’s right, we’re talking augmented reality, though it’s important to note actual progresses and applications in the field are still at an uncertain point down the road.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is dreaming big, aiming for its HoloLens headset to someday help football fans get the best seats in the house within their own homes. Can you imagine players breaking the fourth wall (literally), and the arena being visible from all angles in your whole room, not needing to wait for an official replay? How about stats always available on your coffee table, and fantasy scores updated in real time without you having to ever check a second screen?

You can’t? Then this here video may well blow your mind. Just be careful to not think too much about it, or Sunday’s big game will be ruined. Also, remember the Microsoft HoloLens hasn’t even shipped to developers yet, and that it’s set to cost a small fortune.

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