Microsoft HoloLens Actiongram app enables mixed reality ‘storytelling’

While we’re most likely still a fairly long way from enjoying the excitement of football stadium attendance in our living rooms with the HoloLens headset, Microsoft’s Windows Holographic mixed reality computing platform is starting to make some similarly cool things happen.

Case in point, the Actiongram “experience” that will become available to deep-pocketed developers and beta testers sometime in the summer, following the HoloLens Dev Edition launch on March 30.

Thanks to a small team of only 5 people, which worked on the app for roughly 6 months, you’ll soon be able to produce home movies starring yourself, your real friends, as well as various holographic “actors.”

In addition to a traditional introduction and demo video, Redmond uses a bunch of fun little clips created by closed beta testers and “some of the world’s best social storytellers” to exemplify what an imaginative mind can accomplish with a pair of HoloLens glasses and Actiongram.

Unfortunately, the “stories” told so far aren’t particularly entertaining or… intelligent, fixating on a coarse mini-Teddy Roosevelt character for some reason, plus an astronaut walking on the surface of a bubble bath (?!), annoying French mime, vengeful cat, and zip-lining granny.

But beyond the cringe worthy video content generated by Actiongram contributors, the point is you can let your imagination run wild and add cool special effects to your surroundings without spending a lot or knowing much about 3D design. Let’s see how the project evolves.

Source: Windows Blogs

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