CTIA: Microsoft Gives Tour of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Windows Phone

A Microsoft product manager at the Windows phone booth at CTIA in San Diego, California this past week gave us a peek at the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2; he was also kind enough to give us a hardware tour and software overview of Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional running on the venerable X1-successor.

Our verdict? The XPERIA X2 is a great piece of hardware and is definitely a lot more smaller than the HTC Imagio due to the device sporting a smaller screen, albeit the same resolution. However, it seems that things were a bit more sluggish on the XPERIA X2, and we weren’t quite sure if these were shipping builds or not. If you didn’t have anything else to compare the XPERIA X2, you may not notice it, but having come from the Imagio and the HTC Pure, I noticed the slight lag.

Special thanks to Patrick, PR rep for Microsoft, for setting up the video, and to Anand, Senior Product Manager for Windows Mobile, for our own personalized tour.

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