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Microsoft’s free Face Swap Android app sounds fun, practical and fairly ‘sophisticated’

By Adrian Diaconescu June 5, 2017, 10:50 am

Microsoft almost seems more interested in developing, updating and improving apps for Google’s Android these days than its own mobile operating system, which of course makes perfect sense in a way, given the staggering worldwide usage gap between the two platforms.

No longer focused merely on productivity tools and “serious” business services, the company that may still bring back the pocket-friendly version of Windows someday has just released a fun, playful and potentially practical Face Swap app.

Currently available for free from the Play Store in Canada, Australia and the US, but headed soon for other countries, as well as iOS, the Microsoft Garage project is a little more complex and advanced than it sounds.

It relies heavily on a “powerful” search engine (not Google’s, obviously), aiming to “transport” you into “fun and inspirational scenes.” The main point is not to humorously exchange your mug with that of a friend or celebrity, but rather “try on different fashions”, “pop yourself into trending scenes”, “see yourself with a new hairstyle” and “swap multiple faces on a group photo.”

Those aren’t bad ideas by any means, though the success and especially utility of this type of product generally hinges primarily on its execution, not concept. Besides, it’s basically impossible to come up with an entirely original face-swapping idea when there are so many competing software developers, but hey, at least this thing is ad-free, simple to use yet also “sophisticated.”

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