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Microsoft could get rid of Edge on Windows 10 to use a Chrome-based browser

By Samuel Martinez December 4, 2018, 5:33 pm

There are many different ways to browse the web. You can choose the more popular browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox or you can stick to what comes as a default browser on Windows computers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, now called Edge. Unfortunately, this last browser hasn’t been so popular, and Microsoft could be working on something else to take its place.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is in the early stages of a project to replace Microsoft Edge. This project is code-named “Anaheim,” and it should come to take place of Microsoft web browser on computers with Windows 10. This new browser would leave EdgeHTML engine to work on Chrome’s open source Blink engine. Microsoft and Chrome have also been working together to bring improvements in Windows 10 on ARM computers. Still, we will have to wait for this new browser to arrive on Windows computers, even though speculation says it could arrive as early as April 2019.

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