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Microsoft Wireless Charger DT-904 spotted

By Jules Wang October 14, 2015, 1:40 am

Forget about the future, let’s talk about … the future. Well, short-term, at least.

One of our favorite wireless charging pads has been the Microsoft Wireless Charger DT-903. Michael Fisher appreciated the stable, smooth pebble form while also admiring the underglow each charger carried. Our review of the charger was back when tech circles embraced the Qi standard while the PMA charging standard was still putting up a fight.


Now, with competing fast-charge Qi chargers abound, Microsoft is preceding its new Lumia flagship launches with a preview of the DT-904.

If you’re looking for any progression, stop: almost all of the DT-903 was copy-pasted over to the DT-904, save for the new Microsoft silkscreening that replaces the Nokia one. But that means the dimensions don’t change and Bluetooth 4.0 is still there together with the LED spoiler and NFC connectivity.


The only real uncertainty comes with color options: the DT-903 came in white, orange and green. We don’t have anything other than white for the DT-904 as of yet.

But if, in fact, the more things change, the more they stay the same, will the price of the DT-904 be $59? After all, that’s where we find the DT-903 at today, still at its original price.

We shall know soon.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Windows Central

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