Microsoft Courier Tablet Will Run Full Windows 7

Unlike the rumors of the Apple Tablet, which is said to run only a stripped down mobile OS that the iPhone uses and not the full Mac OS, Microsoft’s reference Courier tablet design is said to run a full version of Windows 7 under the hood with dual displays that fold, much like a notebook. The latest rumors come from ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley who has been a pretty reliable tipster on all things Microsoft.

With the latest rounds of Courier rumors, it seems that Microsoft is optimizing the tablet for more finger inputs and gestures, reserving the pen for writing and drawing only. Also of note is that Microsoft is leaning on creating the tablet under its own brand, much like what the firm has done with the Zune franchise. No word on how Microsoft’s current partners who make Tablet PCs will respond.

Also, unlike the Apple rumors, which don’t point to a digitizer pen for input, the Microsoft Courier seems to support the pen, which would put it more closely related to today’s Tablet PCs on the market, many of which use Wacom digitizers and also support multi-touch displays, like the recently announced Lenovo tablet model.

(via: Engadget)

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