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It seems that AT&T may be interested in selling off WB’s games division, and there are several potential buyers. The first names that appeared as possible buyers were Activision, Electronic Arts and Take Two, but now Microsoft may also be interested in acquiring WB Interactive Entertainment.

Rumors suggest that AT&T is considering selling Warner Bros. Interactive division, which includes major studios in the industry, such as Rocksteady, Monolith, NetherRealm, and more, as well as some gaming properties such as Mortal Kombat. AT&T would be aiming to sell for an amount between $2 billion and $4 billion. Several companies could be interested in buying, WB Games, being Microsoft the last one to show interest. In the past years, Microsoft has already bought several game development studios to make them part of Xbox Game Studios.

If AT&T ends up selling, it would mean the loss of a major game publisher and a significant change in the gaming industry. On the other hand, Sony is allegedly trying to buy Leyou, who owns Digital Extremes and Splash Damage.

Source Android Central

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