Microsoft is testing Cortana for Android lock screens, coming soon in app update

A little over a year after its beta exit and official debut on iOS and Android devices, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant rival for Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa predictably remains far more popular on Windows phones and PCs.

But with Lumias out of the commercial picture, possibly for good, the Surface Phone still widely considered a pipe dream, and desktop computer sales in free fall, Redmond badly needs Cortana to gain mainstream traction on other platforms and even home appliances.

Enter the latest Android app update, available for beta testers only at the moment, before likely rolling out to the masses in a matter of weeks. There’s just one new feature reportedly in the pipeline, but it’s a pretty big deal.

It’s “quick access to your day” via Cortana on any sort of Android lock screen. That includes native and custom lock screens, with a simple button you can add after refreshing the Play Store-available app.

Once you give Cortana your blessing to reside on the lock screen, you’ll receive important information at a glance by swiping the familiar logo left or right, as well as blazing fast answers to your burning questions. No actual device unlocking necessary, with all the convenience and security concerns that entails.

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