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It’s definitely not normal for any company to reveal the deficiencies of an existing product, over a product it’s still far from releasing, but Microsoft is desperate to give its new Edge browser some mind share. Microsoft Edge is the company’s promise to a modern web experience, which in a way betters competitors, and in others simply catches up. Today the company decided to publish the security benefits of Microsoft Edge, and here are some.

First of all, Microsoft Edge will be superior to IE because it’s a universal Windows app. In Microsoft’s technical terms:

“This fundamentally changes the process model, so that both the outer manager process, and the assorted content processes, all live within app container sandboxes. This provides the user and the platform with the confidence provided by other Windows store apps.”

The fact that the processor will also adapt to 64-bit processors natively when these are detected is also of benefit. Windows ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) will be stronger, and therefore protect you from attackers in a more practical way:

“Attackers want to inject malicious code into your browser process via a coding bug, and then execute their malicious code. ASLR makes that harder by randomizing the memory layout of the process, making it hard for attackers to hit precise memory locations to achieve their ends. In turn, 64-bit processes make ASLR much more effective by making the address space exponentially larger, making it much more difficult for attackers to find the sensitive memory components they need.”

We should expect Microsoft Edge to reach a broader range of consumers as Windows 10 reaches RTM stage. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about it.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Windows Central

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