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Microsoft commits to bringing xCloud to iPhones

By Prakhar Khanna September 22, 2020, 4:20 am
Microsoft IoT in Action event

Lately, Apple has been under scrutiny for its App Store policies which are reportedly anti-competitive and prevent them from offering a optimal experience to users.  Microsoft had to pause the beta testing of its xCloud service on iOS just weeks before its global launch. Plus, Facebook had to remove the gaming capability of its Facebook Gaming app as soon as it was listed on the App Store. Moreover, Google’s Stadia never made it to the Apple ecosystem.

Apple had blocked games that stream directly from the web on the App Store. The company recently updated its App Store policies to allow these apps on the App Store. However, these included some demands. To recall, Apple’s updated guidelines say, “All the games included in the catalog app must link to an individual App Store product page,” which means that all games offered by a game streaming service must also have an individual listing page on the App Store and they must be submitted individually for review by Apple’s team. However, Microsoft says that the new provisions still make the gaming experience poor for users on Apple’s mobile devices.

The software giant remains committed to resolving issues for customers. Microsoft has been having ongoing discussions” about how to improve the situation, said Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer in an interview. “We’re committed to bringing xCloud to all mobile endpoints, including Apple’s big ecosystem,” he said. “For customers out there — and I see it on Twitter all the time, people asking — they can just know we will get there. We remain committed.”

For reference, Microsoft xCloud lets customers stream games to mobile devices. It is part of Microsoft’s highest subscription tier, Game Pass Ultimate.

Via: Bloomberg


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