Say what you will about Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft since February 2014, but he sure knows how to deliver a public presentation with enthusiasm, energy, and wit. His charisma and regular guy appeal make Steve Ballmer’s smugness before him feel even more grievous to remember, at the same time sparking further hope the sleeping Redmond giant is back in the business of tech innovation and brand reinvention.

Already, Windows 10 looks like a smash hit destined to pretty much wipe away the painful memory of version 8 on your desktops, while the mobile correspondent could finally break the Android – iOS duopoly.

Speaking of iOS, under Nadella’s reign, Microsoft seems to come closer to Apple than ever before, in an obvious attempt at a mutually beneficial partnership where the productivity champion helps improve the world’s most popular hardware.

But the two companies will remain rivals first, as a short piece of a recent Salesforce Dreamforce conference proves. In order to spice up a no doubt tedious demonstration of various MS mobile apps and services, Satya Nadella brilliantly coined a new name for an iPhone filled to the brim with your Office products, Skype, Bing, Sway, OneNote, OneDrive, and so on and so forth.

In a clear yet razor-sharp and fairly tasteful jab at the recently unveiled iPad Pro, the Redmond CEO dubbed the device an iPhone “Pro”, emphasizing it’s not his property (he’s probably already rocking an unreleased Lumia 950), but that it’s “pretty unique” and “amazing” when loaded with all that productivity-enhancing software.

He then went on to gloat about Outlook’s cross-platform popularity, though nothing could upstage the iPhone Pro remark. Quick, someone trademark the label, or else Apple may actually use it commercially in a few years, and claim its concoction.

Source: Windows Central

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