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Microsoft’s “Centaurus” project aims to take on Lenovo’s Yoga Book format

By Jules Wang December 3, 2018, 9:00 pm

With foldable displays looking to be the rage for 2019, we should point out that for a few years now, Lenovo makes a Windows notebook with two screens called the Yoga Book (pictured above).

Well, Microsoft may adopt a similar design for its own Surface-branded take for next fall.

Sources to Windows Central say that project “Centaurus” is part Courier writing tablet, part Andromeda folding phone. It has supposedly taken priority in research and development over the Andromeda project and will be purposed much like other Surface products — a primary example for Microsoft’s partner OEMs to follow in new form factors.

Microsoft is working with Intel on the device, likely meaning that an Intel processor will be included. However, Centaurus also runs Windows Core OS, which requires any Win32 apps to be packaged as Windows apps, but will be able to adapt better to two-screen or combined-display tasks.

Andromeda reportedly has been slowed down. If it were to launch next year, it would have no app support and be a poor test of consumer appetite for folding devices, potentially discouraging Microsoft from continuing in the field.

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