Microsoft Build, Apple Watch, Xperia Z3+? | Pocketnow Weekly 146

Update: The direct download is available right now, along with additional outtakes from episode 145! Grab both down below and enjoy!

For those of you with more refined entertainment tastes, you know what I’m talking about. You go to the theater, the usher shows you your seats, you open your playbill and find a hastily enclosed slip of paper saying “The part of Michael Fisher tonight will be played by understudy, Adam Doud”. You go through a range of emotions – anger, confusion, curiosity??? And then quickly back to anger.

Michael will return next week, but seeing as how this is the first in 145 weeks that he was not able to host the show, he wanted to leave it in the most reliable and experienced hands he knew. They didn’t answer the phone, so he called me.

All jokes aside, LG has a new phone. If you haven’t listened to the last podcast yet, Michael and company spent the better part of an hour on the high seas discussing this very topic. But there was more happening around the tech scene, from a mass of movement at Microsoft Build, Siri getting brain surgery and Sony’s flow and ebb. Google Now also gets a rush of new blood and apparently, Jaime Rivera is all amped up about Tag Heuer’s new Android Wear watch.

We’ll dig into all that and more on episode 146 of the Pocketnow Weekly right here! Our video Hangout was recorded at 6pm on April 30 (click here for your local time). You can also check out the high-quality audio version available below! Shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you next week!


Pocketnow Weekly 146

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April 30, 2015



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Microsoft Build

Windows 10 will support Android, iOS app codebases

Project Spartan becomes Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Continuum brings enhanced phone-to-desktop experience

Microsoft HoloLens returns, lets you pin apps to walls

Microsoft going cross-platform with Office add-ins


Apple Watch might not be so nice on the iPhone’s battery

Apple Watch taptic engine fault slows down roll-out process

Siri gets investment with a new back-end


Sony may ship fewer phones / Xperia Z4 might get known as Z3+ globally / Imaging division profits off of other phones’ sales

Note 5 picks up code name, new GS6 variant likely

Galaxy S6 reportedly on overkill when managing its RAM

Google Now support spreads to additional apps

Tag Heuer’s Android Wear smartwatch is shaping up to be awesome


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Thanks for watching. See you next week!

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