Rumors dating back several months now have been talking about Microsoft’s follow-up effort to last year’s Band wearable, a cross-platform fitness tracker with an interesting sensor package. After those first whispers of a Band 2 arrived, we eventually saw Microsoft confirm its general plans, mentioning development of a new Band, presumably for launch later this year. That idea of the wearable arriving sooner rather than later may be picking up some new support thanks to a fresh rumor out today, claiming that Microsoft is already winding things down for the original Band.

Supposedly, Microsoft is in the process of ending production for the first-gen Band. It would sell the new units it still has, and then sell refurbished ones as long as those remained available, but that would be it.

As of now, Microsoft’s still selling brand-new Bands, and there’s no clear sense for how this wind-down to first-gen Band availability might take, but depending on what current stock looks like, we could see things drying up as we start moving into fall a couple months from now. As luck would have it, that would also bring us up to just about the one-year anniversary of the first Band’s launch; a perfect time for a new model to make an appearance? We’ll see.

Source: Gdgt Arena

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