Microsoft Band 2 sync issue fixed, but users were kept in the dark

Microsoft is still dedicated to supporting the Band 2. It said so in October. But the amount of transparency the company has offered in fixing a data syncing issue that sprouted up more than a week ago may trouble its user base.

Band owners were reporting that they weren’t able to connect to and sync their Band data with the Microsoft Health platform via their PC or their phone.

While Microsoft let people know that it was looking into the issue, there wasn’t much more to talk about for the next five days. The issue was resolved over the weekend, but Microsoft only decided to acknowledge it to ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley today.

We believe we have identified the root cause facing some Microsoft Band 2 customers who cannot connect to the service. We are actively deploying a fix now. This will not require action on behalf of the affected customers. We will continue to update customers as we know more. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this. Thank you.

Not an encouraging response to say the least. Microsoft makes it out to sound like a server issue — perhaps its Azure cloud computers acted up once they realized they were the unit making the most money in the corporation.

We’ll be lucky to see the Microsoft Health suite last as long as Windows 10 Mobile in terms of software support.

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