Microsoft Band 2 gets another price cut, this time to $175 ($75 off list)

While we could have easily guessed Microsoft’s refined second stab at a perfect cross-platform health wearable was in for a relatively swift $50 discount, it seemed unlikely the price would drop further than $200 very quickly.

And yet here we are, less than five months in, no threequel in sight, and the Microsoft Band 2 already costs $175. That’s 25 bucks cheaper than ever before, mind you, and a cool $75 off the original MSRP, with both Redmond and Best Buy fully committed to the new tag, no matter your size option.

You can get the Band 2 in small, medium and large, and either way, there’s a wide range of sensors to guide you as you try to lose weight or simply stay in shape. You have your optical heart rate monitor, a 3-axis accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS, ambient light sensor, skin temperature tracker, UV sensor, galvanic skin measurement tool, and barometer.

The full-color curved AMOLED screen is almost as sharp as the displays on today’s top-notch smartwatches, at 320 x 128 pixels, the battery promises to last 48 hours of “normal use”, and a built-in microphone lets you interact with Cortana for easy note-taking and reminder-setting purposes. Only when paired to Windows Phones, that is, though the rest of the smart band’s functionality is good with Androids and iPhones as well.

Sources: Microsoft Store, Best Buy

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