Microsoft Band 2 gets $50 price cut across multiple US retailers

Quick, before Amazon reconsiders, go ahead and buy your omniscient Microsoft Band 2 for $200 in small, medium or large models. Or you can take your business to Best Buy. Or, better yet, get your $50 discount directly from the fitness-oriented wearable’s manufacturer.

That’s right, the patchy deal that came and went all week is back with a vengeance, and likely destined to last a little longer. Possibly, through Christmas, though you probably shouldn’t count on that, and hurry, especially if you want to actually receive it in time to stuff it inside a celebratory stocking.

Much prettier and comfier to wear than its $120 predecessor, the second-gen Microsoft Band can accurately track your every movement, heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, and all sorts of useful health indicators.

It’s got roughly a dozen sensors, more than essentially all other smart bands available in the $200 to $250 range, including GPS, ambient light, skin temperature, UV, galvanic skin response, and a barometer.

Above all, it’s cross platform-compatible, so whether you’re an Android, iOS or Windows Phone fan, the Microsoft Band 2 has you covered. Of course, it’s best used with a Lumia, letting you dictate voice notes and set reminders backed by Cortana, and it “normally” keeps the lights on for up to 48 hours between charges.

Bottom line, it’s a bargain at two Benjamins if you’re passionate about sports or know someone who’s been good all year, deserving a sweet little Christmas present.

Sources: Microsoft Store, Amazon, Best Buy

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