Microsoft Band 2 spreads Cortana functionality to Android phones

Likely feeling the heat from the recently unveiled, sensor-rich, relatively affordable Gear Fit 2 Samsung already promises to ship in 10 days tops, the aging but respectable Microsoft Band 2 just picked up a feature it should have supported a long time ago.

While the $175 wearable is known and commended for its multi-platform compatibility, working with Windows Phones, iPhones and Androids off the bat, users of the three operating systems were never treated equal in one very important aspect.

Specifically, Microsoft chose to limit Cortana support to folks pairing the Band 2 with devices running WP 8.1 or later, despite the personal digital assistant separately working fine on Android and iOS handhelds.

But the newest Health app update in Google Play finally adds “access to your personal assistant for instant notifications of important events, communications, and voice-active info without reaching for your phone.” In other words, full Cortana functionality on your wrist, actionable by simply “speaking into your mic.”

Once you get Health all up-to-date, of course, you’ll also need the Cortana app installed on your Android phone, as well as a Microsoft Band 2, available for $75 off list through July 9, and possibly beyond. It’s so very simple, convenient and affordable, at least stateside.

Source: Play Store
Via: The Verge

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