Microsoft Band 2 drops to $100 in all sizes at Best Buy, one variant on Amazon

Back when the Microsoft Band 2 was marked down to $175 (from an ill-advised list price of $250) for the second time, with an unusually distant expiration date, we speculated the deal could become permanent, seeing as how a sequel should be drawing near.

Even if Redmond decides for some reason to extend the wearable’s upgrade cycle, and hold up the Band 3 until spring, heated competition in both the fitness tracker and smartwatch spaces must prompt frequent discounts.

Surprisingly enough, the manufacturer is back charging an absurd $250 for the sensor-rich band in all three sizes. But don’t be sad if you missed out on recent $175 offers, as a pair of third-party retailers can do better for a limited time.

Much better, in fact, with both Amazon and Best Buy letting you nab the cross-platform-supporting device at a crazy low $100 a pop. An all-time low, mind, and a mighty compelling bargain for Microsoft fans and haters alike.

It goes without saying inventory is scarce at a Benjamin, so much so that BB can no longer do shipping for the large model, and Amazon lists the medium as “temporarily out of stock.” By the way, the medium is the only deeply discounted flavor at the latter e-tailer.

Sources: Best Buy, Amazon

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