$175 Microsoft Band 2 deal might as well become permanent

Even Microsoft’s most hardcore fans and health nuts in general have to admit Redmond’s second-gen fitness band, while better than the original in every single way, felt a little on the pricey side at $250 back in the day.

Luckily, MS didn’t take long to realize that itself and amended the situation by first shaving 50 bucks off retail. The temporary promo rapidly turned into a routine thing, and then the Microsoft Band 2 lowered the asking price further, to a much more palatable $175.

That was initially supposed to be a limited-time affair as well, but after expiring in late March, it got rebooted in April and the other day again, lasting through July 9 at the very least. By fall, though, the cross-platform wearable will be a year old, which is close to the retirement age of many activity trackers, so Microsoft needs to think hard about a third edition.

If that’s the case, the price tag is unlikely to ever go back to $200, let alone $250, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see it drop to $150 in the not-so-distant future. Especially with the looming Samsung Gear Fit 2 bound to go for this bad boy’s jugular.

Still, if you’re in a hurry, the $175 Microsoft Band 2 feels like a solid deal at the manufacturer’s e-store, Best Buy or Amazon, offering a current record number of sensors in its price bracket: optical heart rate, 3-axis accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS, ambient light, skin temperature, UV, capacitive, galvanic skin, microphone, and barometer.

Sources: Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy

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