Back in 2014, smartwatches were really starting to make their presence felt, expanding from niche products to those with broader commercial appeal. And only fittingly, plenty of companies with experience in mobile electronics were lining up to release one. And after months and months of rumors that Microsoft was working on just such a wearable – one that would offer cross-platform support – we finally saw the Microsoft Band launch in late October. More fitness tracker than smartwatch, Microsoft has continued to improve upon its wearable with new software updates adding additional functionality. Now with the halfway point of 2015 in sight, is it time to start thinking about a follow-up?

Rumors certainly suggest as much, with a new report claiming that Microsoft is well into development of a second-gen Band for launch later this year. Its arrival may correspond with the company’s Windows 10 promotional efforts, but with not all of Windows 10 set to arrive at once (Windows 10 Mobile landing after its PC cousin), we’re not sure just when that’s supposed to mean.

And while we don’t hear anything substantive about hardware features, there is one aspect to this rumor that’s a bit interesting: supposedly, Microsoft’s European branches are hard at work on the Band 2, suggesting that much broader international availability could be part of the company’s strategy with this new model.

Source: WinFuture (Google Translate)
Via: Windows Central

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