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News of Windows Phone Starter Edition leaked soon after Microsoft had made their Mobile World Congress announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series and now it looks like ZDNet got some answers from a Microsoft spokesperson about the “classic” edition of Windows Mobile 6.x. It looks like Office Mobile will be included as part of the package, but 3G-GSM isn’t supported, meaning no UMTS, WCDMA, or HSPA, but CDMA EVDO Rev. A, which is CDMA’s version of 3G will be supported by Windows Phone Starter Edition:

Q: Is Mobile Starter available to phone makers via Bsqure only? Or also direct from Microsoft?

A: The Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition SKU is available to all direct partners. It is also available via MediaTek and BSquare.

Q: Which version of Office Mobile is part of one of the two Starter SKUs?

A: The current version of Office Mobile will ship in Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition. Office Mobile 2010 is currently available in beta form for Windows Phone 6.5. When Office Mobile 2010 ships, it will be made available to OEMs and distributors.

Q: Is this a stripped-down version of Windows Mobile 6.5? What’s not there that’s in the full fledged version?

A: The Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition SKU is offered in multi-language versions with and without Microsoft Office Mobile and supports 2G (GSM), 2.5G (CDMA2000 xRTT, EDGE, GPRS), CDMA (Rev A, EV-DO Revision A), and TD-SCDMA radios.

Q: Pricing?

A: We do not share pricing information for OEMs

Q: Will there be a Starter SKU for all Windows Mobile OSes going forward?

A: We have no announcements to make at this time.

Q: Have any phone makers signed up yet as customers?

A: Yes. OEMs will be launching products built on Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition this year.

(via: ZDNet)

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