Microsoft has put the rumors to rest concerning its plans for this evening’s media event, announcing Surface, its Windows 8 tablet.

Surface will weigh under 1.5 pounds, measure just 9.3 millimeters thick, and feature a magnesium shell that includes a built-in kickstand. The main consumer-oriented version will run Windows RT. It’s got NVIDIA chips at its heart, but we’re still waiting for details on just what silicon we’re talking about. The display measures 10.6 inches, and features a full HD resolution.

Microsoft also plans to release an enterprise version of Surface, with capabilities more in line with those of a laptop, supporting the full version of Windows 8 Professional. This version is under two pounds, but measures closer to 14 millimeters thick.

If you’re not a fan of onscreen keyboards, worry not, for both Surface models will support the Surface Type Cover, a magnetic cover that integrates a full keyboard with touchpad. There’s also a stylus available for input, which attaches to the tablet (again, via magnets) when not in use.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed detailed pricing info on Surface, but says that the RT version will cost about the same as tablets we’re used to seeing on platforms like Android, while the 8 Pro version will be more in line with laptop prices.

Source: Microsoft
Via: BGR

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