Microsoft and Nokia quarterly figures out; Surface 2 revenue promising

One week back, we were talking about the forthcoming arrival of Nokia’s quarterly figures, and floated a theory based on some of the disclaimers the company shared that the publication of that report might just coincide with the culmination of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone business. Well, that hasn’t actually come to pass just yet, but those numbers themselves have indeed arrive, alongside a set from Microsoft itself. Let’s take a look at how both of the companies fared in the mobile space in Q4 2013:

Nokia’s situation isn’t great, but it’s not awful, either. Bottom line: it lost money, to the tune of $270M on phones alone. While that’s not great news for its business, Windows Phone itself isn’t necessarily floundering, as actual shipments of Lumia phones aren’t down quite so much. Nokia was at 7.4M handsets in Q2, 8.8M in Q3, and now it’s down a little to 8.2M in Q4.

As for Microsoft, the big news in the mobile space is how well those new Surface 2 models seem to be doing. Microsoft isn’t revealing just how many units it’s managed to sell, but we do get info on Surface revenue: compared to bringing in $400M the previous quarter, Surface revenue rose to nearly $900M this past quarter.

We don’t get any straight Windows Phone figures, either, as Microsoft lumps together devices and consumer licensing revenue for both Windows and Windows Phone – at least, their shared revenue is on the slide, down 5.6 percent.

But enough with the past; we’re about to see the beginning of a brave new world for Windows Phone (at least if this Nokia deal ever finishes up) and by this time next year, we could well see Microsoft on its way to generating a lot more Windows Phone interest. At least, we sure hope it can, if it wants to keep its platform moving forward.

Source: Microsoft, Nokia
Via: Engadget, WPCentral

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