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Microsoft, Amazon May Have Secured Smartphone Manufacturing Partner

By Stephen Schenck November 27, 2012, 12:16 pm

Ready for the latest poorly-attributed supply chain rumors to be reported by DigiTimes? We're used to seeing these kind of sometimes-fantastical predictions by now, and while its important to not lose sight of just how weak these kind of rumors can be, they're still oftentimes fun to consider. The most recent additions to this rumor mill concern Microsoft and Amazon, and claim that both are orchestrating the production of their own smartphones.

Supposedly, Foxconn subsidiary FIH has secured their orders, and will be manufacturing the handsets for releases sometime around the middle of next year. We've talked at some length about the chances of us seeing a Microsoft phone, and while it's definitely a possibility well worth considering, this just isn't the kind of slam-dunk evidence we'd like to see in order to convince us that the company is moving ahead with such a project.


Similarly, we've also looked into what it might mean for Amazon to release its own phone. Like with Microsoft, the idea isn't entirely far-fetched, but again, there just isn't enough meat to this rumor to have us place much faith in it. We could very well see a Kindle Phone, running customized Android chock-full of Amazon ads, arrive in seven or eight months, but we're not getting excited until we see some better evidence.

Source: DigiTimes

Via: BGR


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