As the second most popular smartphone manufacturer in India (behind Samsung), and one of the ten largest vendors worldwide, you could say Micromax has a responsibility, nay, obligation to roll out more than just respectable, affordable gear.

Enter the Yu5050, the newest result of Micromax and Cyanogen’s collaboration, expected out as early as this week with decidedly high-end specifications. And a relatively economical price point, if we are to take the handheld’s declared value at import for granted.

According to Zauba records, the 5.2-inch Android that actually originates in China has a per-unit worth of between INR 20,295 and 20,752, which equates to no more than $310. No one says that’s exactly how much Micromax will charge Indian buyers for the Yu5050 once it goes on sale, but the MSRP can’t be very different.

Let’s prepare a pessimistic scenario, and presume retail costs shall leap to the equivalent of $400 for some reason. That still sounds like an amazing deal, given the CyanogenOS-running device was recently shown as packing Snapdragon 810 processing power and 4GB RAM by a popular benchmarking tool.

An alleged separate visit at an equally prominent benchmarking authority revealed the presence of 21 and 8MP cameras, 32GB internal storage space, as well as 2,560 x 1,440 (Quad HD) display resolution. AnTutu appears to hint at a couple of prospective configurations, with your choice of 3 or 4 gigs of memory, and perhaps a Full HD screen pixel count instead of 2K.

It almost sounds too good to be true, with a OnePlus 2-matching price tag and overwhelming specs for the sub-$400 market segment, so it’s probably wise to wait and see. Hopefully, the air will be cleared before long.

Source: Android Authority
Via: Geekbench, Zauba, Tech Grapple

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