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There’s a Kickstarter for a reversible Micro-USB Type B cable

By Jules Wang August 11, 2015, 11:27 pm

Okay, before you scroll like mad down to the source link, please, at least let us have a chance to give some context for you.

Michael Fisher is known for complaining about how devices that support Micro-USB Type-C will devilishly decline his old Type B cables. But the convenience of not having to recklessly damage your non-reversible Micro-USB jack or port (in committing the crime of plugging in your charger in the dark) is there. And a firm called Codistas has answered to this demand by creating a reversible Type B port.

The magic Codistas worked into the “Micro-Flip” connector is simple. The top end of the Type B connector, which features the opening for where the pins can make contact, is wider than the bottom end. By narrowing the jack width and having pins on both top and bottom sides of the jack, the project developers have essentially obviated the need for the Type-C connector (at least, in this one aspect). Get a braided nylon cable attached to those plugs and we’re talking about one heckuva cable, here.


But let’s back up for a sec, shall we?


Apple introduced the its Lightning connector to its cables for the iPhone 5, back in 2012. It was the first smartphone-era connector to have been able to enter into the phone with either side facing up. And because Apple ultimate control over the proprietary everything they were producing, it was destined that the cable would become pretty popular. It comes with the latest iPhones and iPads.

Contrast that to the widespread availability of Micro-USB Type B on nearly all other modern smartphones. Its run has lasted eight years and as far as we know, many Android OEMs will still be using the connector standard come this fall and maybe even through next year. Unlike Lightning though, the five-pin Type B connector slots into ports in only one orientation. And so, the Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum decided to come out with a reversible Type-C connector. That connector has taken hold of as many as one tablet, one series of laptop and one smartphone that we know of.

And so, chances are if you’re not toting an iPhone, a current-model MacBook, a Nokia N1 or a OnePlus 2, this cable sounds pretty good right now. And it’s near certain you’ll get one if you want it badly enough: the Kickstarter is fully funded and you have until August 24 at 12:00pm Eastern to reserve a Micro-Flip cable or eight for yourself. Stretch goals and other details are in the source link below.

Whatever connector you end up with though, we hope that never again will you ever have to crush a cable just because you ported the plug in the wrong way. Amen.

Source: Codistas (Kickstarter)
Via: Phandroid


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