Fossil’s clout has slipped another bit, this time on the Google Store. Its Q series has been called off the store and now its luxury brand Michael Kors makes have fallen off the shelves.

Google’s main intent for the purge is to clear the way for native Android Wear 2.0 watches — we see that the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style are the only options at the Store right now. And in fact, we don’t see Polar and we don’t see Nixon with their Android Wear wares, either.

Yes, All of the Q series watches will get AW2 in an update, but the hardware ain’t fresh and the storefront has to be fresh.

Still, the Michael Kors detachment is not good news for Fossil as investors have balked at the company’s middling performance in the midst of its transition from luxury accessories at large to classy smartwatches.

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