Michael Fisher AMA: Join us on Reddit at 8pm ET!

Update: That’s a wrap, folks! Thanks to all who joined in. Click here to see the archive!

Ever wonder what our esteemable Editorial Director Michael Fisher is doing when he’s not reviewing technology, tweeting about Star Trek, or referring to himself in the third person? Well, this Sunday night he’ll be trying his hand at his first Reddit AMA! Isn’t that crazy?

Join us over in the r/Android subreddit at 8pm Eastern (click here for your local time) where for three hours Michael Fisher will field questions ranging from tech blogging to … well, who knows? To the uninitiated, “AMA” stands for “Ask Me Anything,” so theoretically it could get pretty wild. It’ll be like the origin story Michael wrote about himself back in 2013, except more interesting because you’re controlling the conversation!

While you’re over there, be sure to let Reddit know if you want other members of the team to get the AMA treatment using the Request an AMA link. Michael only makes up 9% of the Pocketnow family, after all. So while you’re waiting for tonight’s AMA, get acquainted with some of the rest of that family in our Curriculum Vitae series.

See you on r/Android at 8pm Eastern!

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