Prepaid outlet MetroPCS is finally feeling the need to compete in the marketplace after some of its competition decided to play catch-up or change costumes entirely. Those recent gains on their side may have this T-Mobile venture shaken up, but it thinks it can win back some ground by driving down prices on its services for a hot second.

All four self-branded prepaid carriers now offer unlimited data plans (with various restrictions) these days, but MetroPCS is outgunning Sprint’s Boost and Virgin and AT&T’s Cricket with a $50 individual rate and a $25 add-on rate for up to 4 more lines. For comparison:

  • Boost Mobile has the same $50 start point, but new lines are $30 apiece.
  • Virgin Mobile only has individual plans at $50 per account.
  • Cricket’s standard unlimited plan is $60 for the first line. It compounds growing $10 discounts per subsequent line for up to 4 additional lines and a total of $100. A two-line account would run up a monthly charge of $110 while a five-line account would cost $200.

A definitive win? Not necessarily. MetroPCS charges an additional $10 per line per month for 8GB of high-speed mobile hotspot.

  • Boost includes 8GB of hotspot per line in its unlimited data plan.
  • Virgin charges the same $10 rate, but for 10GB of hotspot.
  • Cricket does not allow mobile hotspot usage on its plan.

To sweeten the deal, MetroPCS is giving out $100 of device credit per line.

If you’re in a position to consider your options and act, remember that you also have to consider your local coverage on the contingent networks these carriers rely on. Ask around and see if you’ll end up truly benefiting.

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