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MetroPCS iPhone sales finally extend nationwide, online

By Jules Wang July 15, 2016, 6:36 pm

What happens in Florida doesn’t stay there. In fact, what comes there usually wants to leave after more than a few days or even weeks.

Talk about MetroPCS and its newly-founded iPhone sales as they began in Florida a couple weeks ago. Nowadays, you can get a prepaid Apple device outside of the Sunshine State at your local Metro store or at its website.

If you do go the online route, there’s a bit of a dance you’ll have to deal with in terms of color availability. Here’s a handy chart of what devices are available in their colors and storage amounts as of this post:


Device,Gold,Rose Gold,Silver,Space Gray

iPhone 5s, , ,16GB,16GB

iPhone 6s,16GB,16GB/64GB, ,16GB

iPhone 6s Plus,16GB/64GB,16GB, ,16GB

iPhone SE,16GB,16GB, ,16GB/64GB


And here’s a chart of prices:



iPhone 5s,$199,N/A

iPhone 6s,$649,$749

iPhone 6s Plus,$749,$849

iPhone SE,$349,$499


Source: MetroPCS
Via: PhoneArena

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