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MetroPCS Has Caller ID On Steroids

By Chuong Nguyen October 20, 2008, 1:26 pm

Caller ID on a mobile phone isn’t exactly the same as caller ID on a landline. On a mobile phone, if the contact calling you isn’t stored, your phone will display just the number. At home, if you get a call from your landline, it will display the name to which the number is registered to. MetroPCS is now offering its mobile customers the same experience as landline customers in regards to caller ID, offering name recognition of numbers not stored locally on your phone.

According to SlashPhone, TARGUSinfo has been selected by the regional carrier to offer the service. The enhanced caller ID option will come with select wireless plans and will be an add-on option for other plans.

Let’s hope the service catches on. Having this available to other carriers would be cool. No more waiting for the call, hopping on Google to do a reverse number search, and deciding whether or not to answer the call all within the time frame of three or four rings!

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