MetroPCS burglary adds to the smartphone underground

The underground for smartphones is alive and thriving thanks to the underhanded middlemen that roam across geographical and legal borders to make a quick buck on vital technology. Be it in secret employee circles or a la carte smash-and-grabs, the circle of strife goes on.

In Hong Kong, one interception by customs saw 891 Chinese-made smartphones taken off the market. It was the largest of four seizures made since the year began with the whole kit and kaboodle worth about $900,000.

Just this past Sunday, a Pasadena, California, MetroPCS store was broken into during the dark of the pre-dawn hours. Three burglars smashed through the glass door, proceeded to relieve the store of 90 phones and made off. A police investigation is ongoing.

If you’re on the eBay or internet trading circuit, do check IMEIs and make sure you’re not holding a bag.

Source: South China Morning Post, MyNewsLA, KABC-TV
Via: TmoNews

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