Sony’s CES 2015 press event is still a couple hours away, but it looks like one of the company’s products has broken cover a little early: a new metal-banded edition of the Android Wear-powered SmartWatch 3.

The original post providing the image you see above has been withdrawn, but the pic sure appears to fit with the design language we know from the rubber wristbands we see on existing SmartWatch 3 options. The guts of the smartwatch should remain unchanged from the original – this looks to be just the new band.

Beyond the band you see here, the watch would support interchangeable third-party 24mm bands, giving you some extra flexibility to make the SmartWatch 3 fit the look you’re going for.

We haven’t heard anything about pricing, but if Sony follows in the footsteps of other smartwatch makers, something like a $50 premium over the regular SmartWatch 3 might be likely.

Sony’s CES press event gets underway at 8pm Eastern. The latest word suggests we won’t see an Xepria Z4 nor anything else quite so interesting, but we’ll be checking it out all the same, and bringing you word of any mobile tech that strikes our fancy.

Update: The steel-banded SmartWatch 3 is official. Still no word on pricing, though we do have some release info: sales will begin next month. The adapter for use with other 24mm bands won’t immediately be available, but should arrive not too far behind the watch itself.

Update 2: It’s going to sell for just about $300, giving us the same $50 premium we predicted.

Source: Phandroid

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