Earlier this week, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Alpha with a bit of a design departure from the rest of the Galaxy pack, giving the phone a handsome chamfered metal edge. But is this a one-off look, the start of a new branch for Samsung’s design language for select models, or is this the direction all its phones will soon be headed? A report out of China concerning the use of metal in smartphones suggests that this look could become a fixture for future Samsung phones, including the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6.

Now, we’ve already seen at least some images purporting to show a Note 4 with a very Alpha-looking metal edge, but we’ve been suspicious of their legitimacy from the get-go. This account suggests that the Galaxy S6 could take things one step further, and rather than just the metal edge, we’d get that full metal-bodied design a number of Samsung fans have been asking for.

It’s an interesting idea, granted, but we’re not feeling a ton of confidence in this report, and it’s unclear just how much of this is sourced and how much might be analyst-like speculation.

Now that you’ve seen the Alpha, do you still think Samsung needs to go forward with an all-metal phone, or are those accents enough? And if it should ramp-up its use of metal, do you want these metal phones replacing the company’s plastic offerings, or would you prefer to see a parallel line of metal handsets alongside corresponding plastic ones, just to give shoppers a choice?

Source: Sina (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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