They say new is always better (well, Barney Stinson does), but while the revised 2015 edition of the Moto 360 smartwatch definitely respects the principle, you have to wonder just how much its upgrades are worth.

$50, $100? Perhaps. $150, $200? Not quite, and if you’re quick and determined enough to grab a discounted first-gen version from trusted eBay seller Guarantee Cellullar, that’s the kind of gap you’re looking at.

For a limited time, light metal and stainless steel/light finish flavors of the 2014-released Motorola Moto 360 set you back a measly $100 each, which is 50 percent off the latter’s current list price through the manufacturer’s US e-store.

It’s also at least 20 or 30 bucks south of B&H and Amazon’s best deals at the moment, though the former practically paved the way for today’s steal, with a similar 24 hour-limited sale a couple of months ago.

It’s good to remember that the wearable’s sequel is often the protagonist of alluring bundle arrangements if you can afford the Moto X Pure Edition phone as well, whereas the Moto 360 Sport has just dropped below the $200 mark. Bottom line, it’s not easy to choose, but you need to, or else you’ll miss the eBay bargain.

Source: eBay

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