There have been plenty of rumors on an upcoming Facebook Instagram WhatsApp interoperability, with the reports being realistic that it might only arrive in 2020 or later. At the Facebook F8 2019 conference, the company has now confirmed these rumors, without handing out too many details though.

We believe people should be able to talk to anyone anywhere — Asha Sharma, Head of Consumer Product, Messenger, Facebook

The way it will work was described similarly to phone calls: you don’t need to know what carrier the friend you are calling is on. You just call and the other person’s phone rings. Similarly, you will be able to shoot a message to a friend, and the system will identify which one of the three apps is in use, and deliver your message to that person on any of the three.

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp interoperability is still, however, quite far out. No specific roll-out date was mentioned, but Engadget reports that “Zuckerberg said it could take quite some time, which might mean next year or later”.

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